Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Angry Fans want a JUSTICE FLAG thrown on the NFL.

G'day Everyone.

Nothing can be further than yesterday's post:
Now comes in a Justice of LAW flag falling right down in front of the NFL officials. BAM!

Is it possible that every NFL owner, Stadium Owner, and Players have just been put ON-NOTICE of their playing field not being possible Super Bowl hosting ready? You can bet that every state that a foot ball stadium is in will want to rush in and inspect the seats to insure that they are able to host a football game big as the Super Bowl. Possible tell the stadium owner to put in MORE seats to be Super Bowl hosting ready.

After all, the big game is a big profit money maker. Which means that the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys owner of the stadium had better do some big time fixing things. But, it could be way too late as in the name of the Justice Flag being thrown in. Could a Judge order Packers and Steelers to replay the Big Game for the people who missed out on the experience? Sort of like a Spring scrimmage? Unfortunately, it won't ever come close to the intense moments that happened in the Super Bowl. Besides, the Packers would blink first and know the Steelers would be pissed and angry. They'd prolly take the trophy and run for Green Bay and shiver out in the igloo. They'd say "as long as winter freezes us in till the Fall Season, we're staying in safe haven".

Well, I hope the fans do win this one. Because everyone will be the big losers if a major football lockout happens any how. Could we have a bleak football season with no Super Bowl 46? It's possible.

If I were the stadium owner, Jerry Jones, I'd think about selling the stadium, the team, and go out on retirement and let the new owner worry of all of this mess.

It looks like a Footballseatagate 2011. So much for the year in justice. humm.. well, if NFL goes, then let college football have a play-off system of their own now.

till next post, clue you in later.

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