Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mixed Messages in the Word of God?

G'day Everyone.

I want to go on Record for one thing: I love and Respect the Word of God. That's the Holy Bible. That is to say I like the King James Version 1611.
However, when you read this opinion found on CNN:

You have to know that this poor author is reading from a word of god "Bible" that has been messed with and it's words CHANGED to reflect today's standard of society. Yet, God warns us NOT to mess with HIS Book. Still yet, mankind says that as long as it's published on earth, it'll be changed like any other book. But the warning is true and real. Mess with the Word of God, God shall mess with you. I, for one, want to keep our nation intact from any sort of natural disaster. But I think that's far too late to say already.

Lately, our society is starting to accept the gay, lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered people. But it's not a full acceptance. However, most of us do know that God is against it as it is in the KJV. But in other Bibles, it's a mixed bag of messages and at the most, a dangerous assumption of our lives beyond the grave.

As far as the CNN author wrote that belief blog about it, I hate to say this, but pastors and the Catholic church are against the gay community. What will it take for them to change their mind? It could be a lawsuit to force a change in the law that prevents discrimination by pastors. Unfortunately, laws are ineffective with God any how due to God's OWN laws that are unchangeable.

However, Pastors should not try to condemn the gay community, but rather respect and then try to influence the person to see it from God's point of view. If pastors do that, they'll change a lot of lives. Sadly, I know two pastors that messed with my life. I have yet to find a pastor that genuinely cares about my life and my eternal soul. If I don't find that person, then all pastors do deserve to be labeled self-serving and evil as they are.

Most will try to deny that. But given the conditions of society's changes, they'll have two choices:
1. Stand their ground.
2. Give up their license to preach.

Depending on how they react, it'll be their choice.

The future isn't pretty. Then again, God's book of Revelation will be EXACTLY the way it happens. Nobody will ever dispute that.

But until then, focus on the here and now and the present. Let's hope society comes back to God before it gets to be too late.

until next post, I'll clue you in.

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