Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't Travel to the Middle East.

G'day Everyone.

The Middle East will need time to calm down. As everyone knows that Egypt has been in a major flash point of trouble for weeks now. Of course, the people will need to calm down there and life will get back to normal. But will it get back to normal or will it be a changed life for everyone?

Right now, tourism has been a mainstay in any country's local economic aid. But for Egypt, it's right now a closed tourist season. Link:

Anyone planning a trip to the Middle East should listen to every travel agent's advice: Either cancel the trip or put it on hold and save the money till 2012. Whatever your choice is, just don't travel to the Middle East for a while. Dangerous as it sounds, people's safety comes first. Give the Middle East nations a chance to calm down and return to stability. When that happens, visitors will come back again.

For now, these are troubled days for Egypt and the Middle East. Let's hope it doesn't go into a full civil war mode.

Till next post, clue you in later.

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