Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Elections 2014

G'day Everyone and Readers:

History came roaring back last night. Just like the's "He's barack Obama" (He's Obama) was playing up to the election in 2008 (and Obama's first win) which swept the democrats into TOTAL power.
But, voters had a sense of remorse in 2012 and then the House of Representatives fell to the Republicans. However, Obama held on to his power and his legacy.
Then came the next 2 troublesome years.
Last night: the Democrats feared the most awful thing would happen: Power ripped away.

It was the worst of the worst feeling for any one who was a democrat. Especially a poor guy who decided to photo bomb Mitch McConnell. If that poor guy who gave McConnell that thumbs down, he better quickly apologize to McConnell for what he did.

When it became clear what happened, it was clear that the voters had decided 6 years were enough of Obama's time. Voters became smart after what happened in 2008 and 2012.

The question now remains is: Will this congress get things done?

For the remainder of this year, the lame duck democrats in congress must get things done and moved before 2014 ends. When 2015 starts, it will be a question if Congress does get things done.
At the present, Obama is now a lame duck. Will he work with Congress now or will he rely on Executive orders more?
He knows he just got spanked by voters.

But what about 2016? Will Hillary Clinton declare she'll run for President? Biden?
If history is any sense of a clue, Hillary Clinton would take a well deserve retirement, separate from Bill Clinton, and enjoy what's left of her personal life.
Bill Clinton should calm down and enjoy life too.

Biden? If Biden wants to run in 2016, I think he would be wise to take an exit from being a Vice President and separate himself from Obama. It would give Biden time to build up his own political base and be ready for the 2016 elections. (Biden would best learn from Albert Gore: Separate from your president early!!)

So what are the next two years for this nation?

Let's hope our government goes to REAL WORK right now along with a President willing to work.
But whatever happens. Pray for our nation more than ever.

2014 is a message to 2016: Lessons learned from 2008, 2010, and 2012 is: don't have voters remorse.

Till next post, I'll clue you in!