Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blasting article on Joe Pa.

G'day Everyone.

Funny how life works. The other day, I posted and unloaded on JoePA (Joe Paterno) as part of my Football yapping day.

Believe it or not, some one did read my post and eventually did a better article on the reasons WHY PSU Coach Joe Paterno *MUST RETIRE*! Read it! It's a great post!


The list is quite clear. Coaches, who stay too long in one place and get too comfortable, are the very ones that will face an ugly scandal in order to get them OUT of their job.

Paul "Bear" Bryant knew all too well when he had to protect himself and his legacy despite of what he's done over the years in his time. He left for the better reasons and passed away from our lives. But what he's done to Joe Paterno has lived on and Joe Paterno has out-won Bryant. That is enough for Paterno to show Bryant that he can do what he's done: Win games.

Eddie Robinson's crashed his career in his own ego making. Bobby Bowden had to go after his own undoing came clear. Bowden didn't like it and tried to go out on his own terms. He didn't get that.

I can understand that Joe Paterno wants 400 wins. But there comes a time when life, age, and legacy go right against you. As PSU has a bye weekend, this is their time for reflection, training, and preparation for the coming games. Penn State Nittany Lions are facing the last 6 teams.
They are: Minnesota, Michigan, Northwestern, Ohio State, Indiana, and Michigan State in that order.

If you don't believe me: Link:

The 6 teams are SURE to beat PSU very hard. 6 weekends of watching them fall. 6 weekends that Joe Paterno will face MORE calls for him to step down. There is assurance that this year, PSU will MISS a bowl game. National title? Gone. Only the fates can hope every other team loses in a big way and propels PSU to a big game. But that won't happen and we all know it.

Joe Paterno knows the storm is coming much more harder on him now. Penn State University officials know that their program is under a watch by many people right now. Unless action is taken, PSU will fall on some hard times in this football season and economically. This is something that no school can afford to happen.

PSU better have a plan in place right now because it's going to be time to put Joe Paterno out on their terms rather than Joe Paterno's terms.

I hope Joe Paterno prays really hard to win the last 6 games. Especially against Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State. But any more than 2 losses will have to be his time to step down and be gone.

So Please, Joe Paterno, I know many of your players and fans read my blog. Do us all a favor. Step down while you can. Don't die on that damn football field. It's not for you to do that.

No Semper FI today.

Thank you.

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Jim said...

I really like and admire Paul
"Bear" Bryant when he coach
the Alabama Tides Football team.
I do agree that Joe Paterno should
retired. I am sure the school
appreciate all those years he has
coach the Football team. But it
is time for him to retired instead
of being fired. If he gets fired,
that will hurt his chance of
being appreciation of being the
coach. There is one more person
he can learn from. The man is
not a football coach but a Baseball
manager that retired after 25 years
with the Atlanta Braves and his
name is Bobby Cox. He knew it
was time to retired being the
manager. It does matter how
many years a coach or manager
runs the time. It matters when
the person knows in their heart
that it is time to leave to
save the team embarrassment.
It is time for the team to have
a new person to run the team
and make the team better than
making the team look bad.

For this blog, I support that it
is time for Joe Paterno to retired
from Penn State. The sooner the
better for the school.