Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fake accounts OUTING gay users of Facebook.

G'day Everyone.

This one I really do hate. There has been a continued attack on certain users of FaceBook in which someone sets up a fake account and grabs a picture of someone off the real account. In this, they're becoming part of an advertisements that are attacking and OUTING gay users of Facebook. It was reported on CNN:

While this is a serious threat on many social media sites, it is making an impact that forces gay, straight, and BI people to hide their certain interests in men, women. While it's not nice to be outed, it hurts many people who do get outed. Whatever it be socially, professionally, or both. The person or advertisement agency that does it should be in SERIOUS LEGAL TROUBLE.

In the last few months that this has been going on, several of my friends have been copied and cloned into fake accounts. All of the users have been on alert and watching their friend lists disappear on to the fake account, only to realize that they have been duped too. It socially hurts everyone.

So here's my suggestion to this "hacker" or advertisement agency out there: QUIT IT BEFORE YOU GET HURT, LEGALLY, SOCIALLY, and at the worst you could be found, located, and PHYSICALLY hurt by someone you intentionally outed!

For many of us, it's not fun any more. It's driving many of the social media sites crazy into trying to improve their security of their sites while trying not to limit everyone out there. But the main thing is, the social media sites may not have any choice but start legal proceedings against those fake users so that the message can be sent CLEARLY that fake users will NOT be tolerated any more. Fake users hurt every one.

So let's hope the social media sites take the message seriously. GET RID OF THE FAKE USERS! NOW!

Semper FI.

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