Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Football yapping day.

G'day Everyone.

Gallaudet University has a good football season. But question is, can they do better? One has to hope so under their new coach Goldstien. They have a promising season and hopefully they will have a good one. Season is still young yet. Bisons will have a good home coming soon.

Meanwhile, Penn State University fans are already yelling for the Board of Trustees to please YANK PSU coach Joe "JoePA" Paterno after last weekend's big loss in the Big Ten season. With the major games coming up, some fans agree that Joe Pa's old tried and true methods are fast fading in his days.

Joe Paterno may be a great football legend at PSU, but you know what? It's time. In this bye week that he has, Joe Paterno should make his life decisions.. again! We know that last time he has said he would consider it.. but then he decided to stay and had a good season. That was last year. This year, he dreamed of a CHAMPIONSHIP year. Unfortunately, that has already gone out the window at this point. This would have to be a time right now that Joe PA has to salvage himself, his career, and his football season team.

The greatest thing Joe Paterno can do right now is say: "This is the final year of PSU football for me" and then assist in the final games and leave the program to the PSU Board of Trustees to decide on the next coach.

Joe Paterno has made a lasting legacy of his life. He has done so well, no other coach could dare to hope to live for so long and enjoy a life of football which is what Joe Paterno has done. But right now, it should be the time for Joe Paterno to step down and step back. Even the players know this to be coming some day. Some will say "it should not have to happen", but for the good of the PSU football program and the Nittany Lions legacy this is the best idea to happen.

Hopefully, Joe Paterno will step down himself. Really. I don't want to see Joe Paterno to die on that football field. That would be the most disastrous moment for the entire football program. However, if Joe Paterno doesn't step down himself, I would hate to see the PSU Board of Trustees have to make the decision to exercise authority and force Joe Pa to step down. Maybe that's a decision that is going to have to happen in order to protect the program and Joe Paterno. In fact, I would encourage the PSU Board of Trustees to make that decison. The sooner they do it, the better for all the PSU football fans and Joe Paterno.

I like and support Coach Joe Paterno. But he should be told that retirement is a *MUST DO* and *MUST TAKE*. So Joe Paterno.. please. RETIRE. For all our sakes. and for the sake of your family too!

Last but not least:

Here's a heart warming story. Two football teams. The other team having beaten their rival team so thoroughly, the opposing coach knew it. But hatched a plan to bring about a dream for a handicapped football player.
The video is worth to watch.

Just follow this link:

Now that's true sportsmanship in the name of football!

Semper FI.

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