Friday, October 15, 2010

Black Bear attend RIT/NTID

G'day Everyone.

Little did I know that yesterday's job fair at NTID would be interesting the next day. IF I HAD GONE BACK TO RIT EARLIER!

A black bear..yes a real black bear, attended the campus of RIT/NTID. Maybe trying to get a little HUMAN education.


The nice thing is that campus safety was very organized to make sure everyone stayed out of the way and the wild life conversation officers do their job. The bear, of course, was given a nap time and transported else where. Some of the students were able to get some pictures for the memories of the bear on the RIT campus.

Now, here's a hint for RIT: Should we call for a replacement of the RIT mascot from a RIT TIGER to RIT BEAR?
Nah.. I think in all like hood, The RIT TIGER mascot is here to stay. Can't help it but feel that everyone had a good ending to start the weekend. Hopefully, the bear has found a nice place too.

Semper FI.
and Salute to Bob Wilson for the heads up link!

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