Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Polar Vortex 2014? and Gallaudet 150th

G'day readers and friends!

Are you all ready for a "MINI" (small) return of winter?
Believe it or not, a return of winter is coming back! But only for a short time!!
People say "whoa, wait a min! Are you out of your mind?"
I assure you I'm not. The news is sharing out that a very spate of cold air is coming out of Canada for the next few days and will hit the mid-West first and then hit up here in the NorthEast area.
But be assured, we're not going to really have Winter in the middle of the Summer! But it will be very cool.

Meanwhile, people have been asking why that I have not gone to the Gallaudet University's 150th anniversary celebration/reunion?

To be honest, a trip to DC was not in my plans.  My life has been emotional and complicated in the last few months over the closing of my mother's home (which is also the loss of my home) due to my mom being else where now. The last several weeks, I've been recovering and getting used to having free weekends that I have now again. A trip to DC would have been a greater expense at the last minute. I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun of meeting OLD and NEW friends.
However, I've been able to see several people posting about the events at GU on the face book page and several other social media sites too. So the word about the GU 150th is getting around pretty much.
Most of all, congrats to the class of 2014 hall of fame inductees of the GU Bison Athletics. Especially to Kris Gould.

But GU's fame of 150 could be short lived. In just 4 more years, NTID will have their big 50th party/reunion. Hopefully, I will be able to make that one.

Lastly, Prayer for Israel. A few months ago, 3 Jewish teens were kidnapped and murdered. Their bodies were found. Israel got very angry. A Palestine youth got killed in revenge.
In the latest events, Terror organizations have been shooting rockets from Gaza (the west bank) and have been attacking into Israel. This time, I personally think Israel will take back the West Bank for their own, no matter what the world says.
But for all those caught in this war? I pray for the Palestine people. Just capture those terror people and turn them over to Israel. Do it in the name of Peace.
No terrorist has the right to live when their faith is killing Jewish people.

Until next post, enjoy the summer! And keep the light coats handy! Rave on, polar vortex, rave on!

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