Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shake up in the Death Penalty community.

G'day Everyone and Readers!

It has been many years that prisoners that face their executions every year are trying to find ways to stop the states from carrying out the FINAL order on them: Their own execution.

Prisoners have fought every step of the way from the moment judgements were put on them "You are SENTENCED TO DEATH", to fighting an up hill battle on every legal appeal they can muster.

The latest these prisoners have done is going after the drug makers and proving that lethal injection is wrong and unconstitutional. The drug makers don't like the attention and tell the state to take their business else where.

Unfortunately, it's has had an effect lately in one state: Tennessee!

So if Tennessee can't find drugs to fit for a compassionate executions, it may have to be time from many states, like Tennessee, to bring back the methods of execution from the gas chamber to the gun squads again.

But what it will do is increase the number of court battles between the prisoners and the state governments from being able to carry out the executions.

Prisoners basically hope that the longer they live in their lives in prison, the greater hope that illness or disease they can pick up (like HIV/AIDS) or better yet, the natural hope of DEATH will claim them away from the chance of state governments to carry out the death sentence.

What happens when the states gets tired of these never ending court battles? If you really want to know that answer, It's clear that it could happen in the near future: BEHEADING!

There has been videos on You Tube where there has been clips (before being taken down) of people being beheaded. I have seen them on the you tube. Most have been beheaded by the sword or a big blade. Most common is a knife.

Death by knife can be painful, yes. But prisoners do die. Death by sword is quicker and in ONE Stroke, the person is dead. The head is unable to move or scream or express pain. But death is sure and quick.

All that is left of beheading is taking away the body and washing away the blood.

Do prisoners complain? NO. It is justice complete and the prisoner is sent on to his final eternal judgement: Either Heaven (if they got saved in prison) or in HELL/Lake of Fire.

No matter what happens to these prisoners in our states, the longer they put up a fight, the more they will  hope that they'll naturally die. But the day a court ends their fight and they fight to prevent being executed, they are going to wish they died a long time ago when it happens.

I'm all for a compassionate execution of a prisoner that has been found guilty of a crime. But only if a 2nd court PROVES that justice was correct in the first place.

So what happens when this chair comes back life?  Don't ask me. Just look up electric executions on and you'll find what happens.

But the first person that gets strapped into that chair will have a good choice of final words:
"I'd like to send a complaint to all the lawyers and prisoners who fought against lethal injections. Now that I die here by electric power, I send God's mercy on your bloody souls".
After that the switch is thrown and he's gone to roast.

Let's hope that old sparky comes back and after the first execution, the public will demand the states to bring back all the drugs and demand the drug makers to provide it.

Until then.. Good luck to Tennessee. Court challenges, here they come!

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