Sunday, March 23, 2014

Westboro Baptist Church News Stories

WARNING: Opinion blog day. Warning.

G'day Everyone and readers!

Rise up for FREE SPEECH today because it's going to be that day to argue it all!
The worst part is, today it's all about Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC)!
So let's kick it in gear!
First up:

For the many years that Fred Phelps was alive and WBC protested against many funerals for the military and other famous and infamous people, WBC has been sued many times.
they knew this day would come that their founder would die and they would have to face what they had done to many others. It would be a gay and military protest against WBC too.
But WBC said they'd SUE if they do it. Know what? Good luck. To sue against those who protest against Fred Phelps, they better have a personal gold mine because legal battles will NOT be CHEAP.

I've also heard that Kaye West will perform at Fred Phelps funeral, sadly to say Kaye West has lost my respect for himself and his music. Kaye West was a very promising music person. To hear him perform for Fred Phelps, he'd better hope he finds a new career soon after that.


HOLY CRAP! what is ARLINGTON CEMETERY thinking?! For a man who was once gay, got AIDS (according to the article, that's what he died of), it is a shock to many people that we're finding out that Fred Phelps served our country?!

Even though this Cemetery is for our war dead, given to what Fred Phelps done in his life after his military stint, he does NOT deserve this. He really doesn't deserve it after he's attacked our gay friends and military service people.

You can bet someone will bring a court battle against Arlington Cemetery and try to prevent Fred Phelps from being buried there. But if Arlington Cemetery really wants to bury him (Fred Phelps), then put him in an unmarked grave so that nobody will ever find him till 20 years passes.
Then when 20 years passes, put his head stone on there.

Over all, we know how Fred Phelps has done in his life of what a gay man has done to him (given him HIV / AIDS). The anger I see in Fred Phelps is one where that it is untamed and unforgiven.
The anger really used him to hurt himself, his testimony, his church, and the people around him.

Now that he is dead, Westboro Baptist Church has an opportunity to change themselves back to where they were. But if they stay on the same path as Fred Phelps has been, well, God's got to do what He will do for them as he has done to Fred Phelps. They were warned!

But sadly, Fred Phelps should have been reached sooner in his life after what his life changed by his condition.
Nobody didn't reach me when I was filled with anger and hate over what two pastors had done to me in my life. But you know, I've had a good friend of mine reaching out to me and talking to me often about my anger and my pain. I've over came my anger and hate. I pray for the pastors who hurt me, But God will have his day of Justice in his court on the two pastors.

Don't let your anger and hate for the military and gay people take control of you. Even if you become infected with HIV / AIDS, like Fred Phelps did. Anger and hate are counter productive to the Word of God and trying to preach salvation is useless. Fred Phelps has faced God upon death. What judgement he has suffered of, we will not know.

I urge Westboro Baptist Church to change themselves back to the church days before their founder arrived in their lives. It is more important to preach repentance and salvation than anger, hate, condemnation. It is not too late.


lavender16 said...

I will spit at Fred Phelps 's grave when I visit Arlington National Cemetery where my husband will bury.

Sherlock Steve said...

please do it very discretely! Arlington National cemetaery has rules for this stuff, but most likely you will not find where he's buried because he'll be kept secret for the time being.