Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Westboro Baptist Church founder finally dies and goes right to God's Judgement!

G'day Everyone!

Finally, the day many Christian people have been praying for years: For God to do something to the Westboro Baptist Church that is so famous for their anti-gay stance.

Finally, the last few days we've had the Media reports that it's founder: Fred Phelps, was dying.

But here's a question many people wonder: How did he accept that he was going die and fully know that he was going to have to stand before the Lord and give an accounting of his "church ministry"?
Many do wonder if he put his life affairs in order before the final breath was drawn? Nobody knows.

Save the Westboro Baptist Church as "family".

Finally the papers and web logs shouted that the word heard around the nation:

But now the grave question is: He in Heaven or in hell?
It's a question many want to know, but some do say he will pay his price for what he's done to many people, hurting them when they are in grief.

Even if the Westboro Baptist Church says "there's no power struggle and things will continue as they are", I have no doubt that's just plain double speak. To many in the Westboro Baptist Church, they should see Fred Phelps' death as a warning from God. Repent or else.

But if they refuse to acknowledge it, then God could use a natural disaster on their church some day this year as it's NOW SPRING 2014 and TORNADO season is about to begin.

I say: "Let God be True, but every man a liar"! On that note: Whatever judgement God gives Fred Phelps, it will be justice upon him. But if he's found where he's preached about it, he'll be wishing he had not done of what he did.

Rave on, Westboro Baptist Church, God isn't done with you yet until you obey him!

Until next post, God bless you.

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