Monday, March 3, 2014

Sorenson Communications is BROKE!!

G'day Everyone and Readers!

It is now hitting across all the news and the social media:

This is the latest shock in the deaf community that has every one reeling of what may happen next to the communications for the deaf and the relay services that we've come to depend on.

As many people (deaf and hearing alike) have been telling deaf people to HANG ON to their old TTY devices and prepare to go back to the days when TTYs were used extensively!  But hopefully, other communication services would pick up where Sorenson would leave the void (ZVRS?).

However, if the deaf community were to pull together and help Sorenson Communications stay together, then it can stay in business.

Perhaps then, it should sell some of the questionable properties it has on come college and school campus places. At a time, it was to say how famous it is to support deaf education.
But what will happen this Fall 2014 if it were to end it's services?

Let's hope that Sorenson communications survives because we need their services!

Until next post.. Please use Sorenson Communications!

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