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The Questions against a Deaf Pastor!

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G'day Everyone.

Questions are really happening against a Deaf Pastor of a Deaf Church and Bible College in Maryland.
It really started with my friend, Justin Vollmar.
I have known Justin Vollmar since 2002. But I believe in what happened to me in the Summer 2003 when Mr. Bushholz really attacked me based on my sexual orientation during that Deaf Bible Conference.
Before I come to that, here's the article on Justin Vollmar:

I believe Justin Vollmar is telling the truth about his experience in that Deaf Pastor's Church and Bible College. Justin was formally responsible for the Deaf Bible Club on the campus of Gallaudet University.

True to the form of journalism, another organization contacted that Deaf Pastor of the Deaf Church in Maryland. It's none other than Mr. Terry Bushholtz.
Here was Mr. Bushholz's statements:

Interesting to say it was in a Christian Post media and not picked up by the mainstream media.

However, things got a lot more interesting on when Mr. Mark Woods posted an OPEN LETTER TO MR. BUSHHOLZ in a video:

Another person has also made "An Open Letter to Mr. Terry Bushholtz".

Now.. I have something else to say right here. I say Mr. Bushholz should have never attacked me from the Fall semester 2002 to Summer 2003 because of my sexual orientation. But he did! I was never a member of his church. I only knew him as a pastoral friend. But this man attacked, not only because of my faith, but of my sexual orientation,  and challenged my friends to give up on me (most did, few remain being my friend) without considering the consequences of criminal liability for his actions.

Mr. Bushholz sent someone to tell my last girlfriend, who was in transit to join me in being ready for marriage, and Mr. Bushholz told her, through that "agent" of his, that she should NOT marry me! Of all days that my girlfriend and I would break up on Valentines Day 2003. I nearly lost my life had it not been for a good friend to save me from that fate.

In the Summer of 2003 during the first business meeting of the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America (DBFA) 2003 Bible Conference, Mr. Bushholtz attacked me personally in front of everyone in the meeting room of the board on the first session. When he asked the most daring question of all things, he should have personally talked to me alone first before he did before he came out with the question!
I couldn't believe he had asked such a loaded question to me! "ARE YOU GAY?"
But my counter question to Mr. Bushholtz was MORE POWERFUL:

Chairs were scraped, voices were raised and hands flying of communication signs languages. But in the dead center of all the storm in that room, Mr. Bushholtz was dead caught with that question. I could see the fear in his eyes. His eyes betrayed him.
But I was the most angry man that I have ever been in my life. I stormed out of that meeting because I would have done some serious mistakes in front of many men.

For the remainder of the DBFA, Nobody talked to me. I didn't realize I was already shunned in such a way like Justin Vollmar was. But Justin Vollmar was shocked and upset of what his boss had done to me.
Sadly to say, I had never meet Mr. Bushholz's two witnesses. I know the person who told my girlfriend about me and he ran off to the missions field for the safety of his own life.

I didn't resign from that DBFA because of my sexual orientation. I resigned because it was clear leading by God that things were not suppose to happen that way. That was also because the DBFA Board had already elected Mr. Bushholtz to a leadership position and would not consider to hear my side of what is between Mr. Busholtz and myself.

Yet, Mr. Bushholz was the leader of that DBFA for 8 years. That DBFA should have challenged Mr. Bushholz of where his two witnesses were when he attacked my sexual orientation at that very moment in the meeting room right in front of me. They didn't. They wouldn't consider it. 

In clear sense of the law, it is discrimination. Since that DBFA made him their leader back then, that means they're responsible for him attacking me in discrimination and violation of my civil rights.

After that DBFA in 2003, I had a crisis of the faith for a time. Over the years of my life I have remained a Christian but no longer trust the Deaf or Hearing Churches out there. If someone really wanted to talk to me about my life or of my relationship with God, it would have to be in compassion, respect, and of love. Not of Judgement.

Mr. Bushholz has NONE of those qualities in him of being a pastor. Compassion is necessary.

Mr. Bushholz's Deaf Church members and Deaf Bible College students and teachers must now be called upon to make the greatest decision in their own lives: The vote of NO Confidence.  No pastor (hearing or deaf) ever can retain a permanent job of being a pastor of the church for a long time in their lives.

In closing, I want to say this: I can forgive Mr. Bushholz of what he's done to me, my girlfriend, and my friends. Even to the person that I've loved in my life. BUT, I would rather cast Mr. Bushholz into the hand of God because God will one day call Mr. Bushholz home for an accounting of his life before the Lord.
Mr. Bushholz should fear God now because of what he's done to many of his victims, we're now speaking out. I also do not consider him a Deaf pastor anymore since he attacked me.

For Mr. Bushholz to say we, his victims, are nothing but pathological lairs, Mr. Bushholz just accused us of a more serious sin. But that will be returned upon his own head.

Sadly to say, Mr. Bushholz and his church worker upon being contacted by the Christian Post, should have said this very clearly: "We are not at liberty to discuss what Mr. Vollmar has said and we will release a media statement later.". That would have given them time to consider their actions prayerfully before they said something to the public. Especially if they want to go after Justin Vollmar legally.

As I write this post, I have written this many times and considered what I needed to say seriously. I even have to pray about it as well.

For what Justin Vollmar went through his changes in his life, it is never an answer of turning away from God, turning away the salvation of Jesus Christ, and then mocking God personally. I feel sad for him. Some day, when God reaches to Justin Vollmar like God reached me, he will grow stronger again in his Christian faith. He needs time, prayer, and good friends that will stand by him. (which is something that Mr. Bushholz told many people to stay away from me but my friends are stubborn and I thank and Praise God for them!).

Mankind will pay for their sins, such as I will, but I have asked forgiveness as well.

Until my next post here, I apologize and say I'm sorry I'm posting this, but I can't ignore what Mr. Bushholz has done to me and many of his victims. Pastoral abuse must stop out there.

If your pastor, Hearing or Deaf, abuses you in your church ministry: Then speak up. LOUD and CLEAR. Then REMIND HIM WHY he's a pastor. A pastor's position is a responsibility to witness and speak for GOD. NOT POWER to abuse and control others. It is a shame. ALL  PASTORS, MISSIONARIES, EVANGELISTS, and DEACONS as well as church members will be held accountable to GOD for what they do to others!

Thank you.


Update: Pros and Cons are coming off the Social Media site. Here's another poster:

Update #2: Shock happens! Justin Vollmar's wife has posted a Vlog!
Rachel Vollmar's Open letter to Terry Bushholz 

I have found a PERFECT Chick Tract that I'd like Mr. Busholz and Mr. Vollmar to read. I know both have been reading my blog lately. But now I must post this one:

More will be added as I see posted.

**Admin post** This blog is merely an opinion as well as general information. It is meant to be informative. **Admin Post.

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