Friday, February 14, 2014

Can a Deaf pastor be corrupted?

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As the title states: Can a Deaf Pastor be corrupted? 
I originally had written a post of this before, but then decided to trash it. However, given the Justin Vollmar / Terry Bushholz situation going on among us, I felt that I had to re-write this post and show something that's been on my mind.

In the last few decades, I have known one deaf pastor who became corrupted with the lust of power and control in his Deaf Ministry. He had hurt a lot of Deaf people in his Deaf Ministry including me.

It took a strong group of people to go up to the hearing pastor and ask for a proper investigation. 
Yes, they got the investigation. Yes, there was credible proof that the Deaf Pastor had become corrupted with power. We had hoped that the situation would go legal since it was serious.
Unfortunately, the hearing pastor decided that the Deaf Pastor should be FIRED and he was.

The church that I was in never replaced the Deaf Pastor. Since then, the Deaf Ministry has been dying slowly as various deaf leaders tried to keep it going. One Deaf Leader got corrupted by power which was destroying the deaf ministry. Seeing the signs that he would be fired, he jumped ship (left the Deaf Ministry) at the first opportunity he got. I won't say where he went but I am in hopes he'll repent of what's going on with the Justin Vollmar / Terry Bushholz situation.

Many people are starting vlogs and coming out with their own feelings and sharing their lives of Deaf Pastoral abuse. Maybe this is why we are told to pray for our Deaf Pastor daily so that he would not be corrupted in the position of which God has called him to be of.

The latest Vlog to appear: Stephen Newell, pastor of Overmountain Deaf Church posted this:
 The one important thing that I like about this Man of God is that he has not only signed, but put up open captions!! View the video!

And just one little suggestion for Pastor Newell: When you make a vlog serious as this one, don't wear your UPS shirt. It was interesting to see him in that shirt. But it kind of distracted the message that he was trying to send out. In other words, it was a strong message that he was trying to share!

So here's a tip for all you vloggers out there: Put on a neutral dark or blue shirt. Nothing written on it.
have good lighting on your face and hands. Be slow and be clear.
Most of all: Stay on topic.

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