Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Dear Readers:

It's been ages since I've gotten on here and from time to time, I try to keep up with the deaf news, hearing news, and trying to share important information on here as well.

First, let me greet you so much of a WELCOME To The Deaf Sherlock of 2014. I won't make any promises this year for you. But I will do my best that I can with this blog this year.

Second, Not long after storm Hercules has swept into the Northeast states, we are right now into the most WORST STORM in 20 years or more

Storm ION is bringing us the most DEATHLY COLD WAVE ever in our life time. If you have never experienced some TRUE bone chilling weather like O*, -10*, and -20* degrees.. then get ready for the rest of this week. We could all see new record lows of -30* and -40* and -50* degrees! (depending on where you live).

Which means everyone better be watching the temps out there. Be extremely careful if you are driving in this deep cold weather. Listen to your car's engine. Be dressed in layers.
I don't kid you in this.
Many schools and colleges have closed their campus and called off classes for the sake of protecting students. Work places and other stores are being careful and telling customers to exercise cautions.
Some just might tell employees to stay home for safety sake.

But if you must go out, please be careful!! Especially on the interstate roads where idiot drivers think it does not matter.

A lot of people will die in this deep freeze of a cold weather out there. Especially the homeless people.

So in all of this mess, please be safe!!!

Meanwhile, some best advice for 2014: If you are thinking of signing up for Affordable Health Care, do yourself a favor. Talk to a health insurance specialist out there instead of going on the Obamacare site. A health insurance specialist will give you better advice than some government web page.
But it's your choice (and it's a free country).

As we look down the road of 2014, a lot of things are bound to happen in this country. Most of it in political stuff.
But remember to pray for our nation and hope our President is doing the right things to guide this country of ours.

So until next post, STAY SAFE AND STAY WARM!

Sherlock Steve.

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