Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The final end of the doomsday preacher!

G'day Everyone!

God has given the Christian world a blessing this holiday season.
The famous Doomsday preacher, Harold Camping, is dead!

It was a surprise and a shock that Harold Camping would pass away.
But one thing is for certain, God did warn Harold Camping to stop "predicting" things and took away his voice for a time.

It was clear that Harold Camping would not stop predicting. A final fall in his own home became his undoing and God called him to talk to him.

What happened to Harold Camping in Eternity is anyone's guess.

But for most real Christians, the biggest question is: Did he accept Jesus Christ as a personal savior?

It's easy to figure out his final eternity place if he didn't.

God bless to the Camping family. It is hard to lose some one in this holiday season. But my prayer is that they will look at this as a gift from God and realize that their father's fame is now gone and they can live real lives.

Until next post, I will clue you in later.

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