Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fake Interpreter at Mandela memorial !!!

G'day Every one!

The news has been coming out of South Africa as Nelson Mandela's Funeral is on-going.
At one point when Obama made a speech, a "interpreter for the deaf" was put on stage.
Guess what? Right from the start: the guy was an obvious fake!
The poor guy will NOT admit that his mental health issues have prevented him from performing his interpreting services as required.

The interpreting services that were hired during this funeral service is NO where to be found and the owners have flown out of the country when they knew their own interpreter's mental health problem became clear: Things screwed up!!

In the coming days, Many Interpreting services and agencies will be looking at their certification services and guidelines very closely. They'll even be asking many future interpreters to disclose if they have any type of mental health disabilities as well.

It's a shame that this man will not own up his own work. If you put the taped video on TV in front of him, he'll say "I done my job right! I stand by it".

But you know, I hope the very ghost of Christmas will be Nelson Mandela going to the home of that interpreter and give him a haunting he'll never forget!

In short, next time there's an important state, federal, or national event, interpreting services and agencies ought to have 2 interpreting workers ready to go to work and a supervisor standing by and watching for any problems. If there's a problem, don't be afraid to pull the interpreter for any reason.
It's more important for the deaf to understand than for the hearing.

And sadly, whatever Obama would have said for the deaf to hear of, the words have been lost and overshadowed by this fake interpreter.

Till next post,
Merry Christmas and Happy 2014!!

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