Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Spoiled Congress CLOSES the U.S. Government!

G'day Everyone!

My Gosh. What a horrible time we are living in this new century of our lives.
Barely 5 years ago, Obama was elected. Less than a year, he used a member of Congress to push his ObamaCare bill through Congress and forbidding them to read it before they voted on it.
The fall out came instantly. Democrats cheered victory. The Democrats and voters didn't like ObamaCare.
and from the 2012 elections, Obama should have been voted OUT of the office. Some how he held on to his Power, even though Hillary Clinton QUIT when she had a chance despite the reaction of what happened in Benghazi (remember who died there!). Now John Kerry leads the State Department as our Ambassador.

However, I'm done with that history a bit. Since 2010, The Republicans have battled to prevent ObamaCare from becoming the law of the land. It survived a court challenge. ObamaCare survived very bill introduced in Congress that was designed to kill or derail ObamaCare.
Yet the Democrats and Obama turned back every tide it happened.

Now at this point, we do not have a federal budget for FY14.
Fiscal year 14 started 2 days ago.
The government is shut down.

Democrats not budgeting on anything related to anti-Obama care. ObamaCare is up and running.

The Federal government is closed due to NO funds. Employees are FURLOUGHED.
And in 15 days, there is the DEBT ceiling.
Obama and the Democrats ought to pay attention: ObamaCare is NOT for this country. Not as a tax money maker. Obama and the Democrats must compromise and work something out before we economically fall apart as a nation. 

If the Democrats think they can win the next election this fall, next month in November, and take back congress, they should think again. Voters are watching closely. It won't matter who wins, it will matter who will lose much more than ever.

While our spoiled congress and president gets paid on time, we, the people demand a better Government. Maybe a some well placed RECALLS of our political people across the nation will get their attention to realize that their job is gone.

But watch for Oct 17. This will be the darkest day in our nation's financial history. Who gets blamed more? Those who have done the pork barrel spending for so long.

God help our nation in time right now!

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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MM said...

If your government is anything like ours closing them down can only be a good thing, I suspect voter apathy means we get what we don't vote for. You just can't get the people....