Saturday, September 14, 2013

India's most big social change!

G'day Everyone.

Have you followed the story in India? The story where 4 drunk men and a teenager took turns destroying the life of a couple on a bus. They beat up the male guy so bad, he is not the same any more.
The woman that they had raped, has long since died.
But the nation of India is transformed against the crime of rape and murder!
The biggest trial  has ended with GUILTY verdicts and finally a sentence of DEATH.
However, the nation is angry that the young teen will be free in 3 years as he's held in a youth prison.
The question is, will the laws change to include this young man to join the other 4 men on death row? That could happen.
The bigger question is: will the executions actually happen in India? I personally think these 5 men will have their lives sent to prison for life because of these crimes.  But that is a question for India's high court to answer.
I would be shocked if these 4 men and the teenager be confirmed for the death sentence to be carried out. But what if the teen's just 3 years in jail? His life would no longer be safe because the moment he steps out of his safe jail cell, he could be killed. I would be surprised if another nation offers to take him out of India to spare his life. But he could never call India his home again.

So let's hope this sentence of death be sent to all would-be rapists. If the executions happens, it would be a shock upon all the nation. But the victims who suffered this won't be comforted because they are beyond this life and these killers took it! Pray for them all that they will die honorable.

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