Thursday, August 22, 2013

The IDLE hands are the DEVIL's SPAWNS!!

G'day Everyone!

When the news of 3 teenagers that were so bored to death (literally) that they wanted to go out and see someone die at the hands of their guns. They went looking for "fame". They went looking for a victim that was chosen without a second thought.
They got into a car, followed the victim and then shot him! Without another thought, they took off in hopes that they'd escape the crime!

Unfortunately, they thought they were killing a local person that was a nobody. They actually killed a very important person that plastered their faces all across the nation and strained relationships between two countries. The victim they killed was a 23-year-old Australian baseball player Christopher Lane who was a visiting student on a baseball scholarship at the local university.

Australia has asks tourists NOT to come to the USA for a while.
It puts a damper on many things.

It is sad that these teenage gunmen had no thought of what would be 24 hours after they shot their victim. Right now, they are in the justice system. The chances of getting a NOT GUILTY verdict will be very slim for them. I'll bet you that every court will be very wise against lawyers who'd try to trick a jury on doubt when their client is really guilty.
The best thing for these teens is to plead for mercy and plead guilty so that they don't get the death penalty.

More over, parents have better watch and train their kids so much more harder these days because if kids are going to be violent for the rest of the teen years of 20teens, then there is no point to have a baby until after 2020.

God help us in our nation. People killing each other just for sport is not right. Especially when God will hold those teens very guilty with blood on their hands.

If you wanted to see some one die, simple. Just go to  and type in the search: Suicide. chances are you will find someone with a gun and shooting themselves to death on web cam. I can assure you that you will be hunted by that face of the death  at the moment their suicide is a one way street.

These teens thought they'd only wound their victim, but it's clear they killed an they did. Chances are good they'll get killed in prison so they better hope they're going to the super max.

God help and pray for our nation.

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