Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the ROYAL Child!!

G'day Everyone!!

England was awash with celebration this year. This has been a year to Honor Queen Elizabeth. God save the Queen, of course.
But rightfully and happy, a baby boy was born to Prince William's family this week. There's no name yet, but he's 3rd in line!!

It is good to know that Queen Elizabeth can peacefully die knowing that her royal line is so complete, she has no worry about the future of England. So God bless the Queen! God has given her a good life.

Meanwhile, it's sad to know that George Zimmerman gets to walk away free after being found NOT GUILTY when it's very obvious that he is GUILTY.  Bet you that more courts in Florida will stick to a larger jury and LESS WOMEN!! (men are more better at decision making).

At the same time, Zimmerman, pops up now and then to keep trying to do some positive public relations when he's got people wanting to hurt him. He better stay hidden.
More or less, The Justice Department could make a civil rights case against Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin's family could still file a wrongful death lawsuit on Zimmerman too.

So if there's any solace for Zimmerman, he should have stayed in jail for a while longer where he's much better protected.

And to wrap up this post... God bless and farewell to actor Dennis Farina. Dennis passed away this week.

Until next post.. pray that our Federal Government end the stupid furlough and find other ways to balance our nation's budget!!

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