Monday, July 1, 2013

You should be warned!!

To my dear readers:

For many years, I have had a wild life. I'm not saying how wild it is. But it's been rough as well.
When I think of the former pastors who I've heard them preaching so much before in my life, it just struck me so ODD that not ONE in my life time would dare to preach on hell and yet attack gay people.
But if I were to see them again, I'd tell them: You can't have your powerful life that way as a pastor.

Today's post is something called You should be warned.

Why you should be warned?  Because our world is run by people with money. Especially in the church ministry. I have personally seen it happen myself. My poor pastor as I remember got hurt when he wouldn't accept money in place when it was a bribe and control. But I pray for him.

So, today, my dear reader, if you think you can control a church pastor with money, look at this tract called THE LAST SURPRISE

As you read it, my dear reader, you got two choices:
1. accept Christ as a savior and Heaven will be your home.

2. turn down the offer of salvation and yes, if you die unexpectedly in these uncertain days of life, you can go to hell then the lake of fire!

Pastors, if you are reading my blog, then let me give you some sage advice: Preach on hell! Preach on the end of days (revelation) because we are living in these last days! Preach on salvation so that people will remember it! Preach on sin!

The truth is, we in a world of a mess here and only after tribulation of 7 years, King Jesus will here for the survivors of this world's nighmare! (no thanks to the beast!)

So now it's your decision time.

best wishes.

till next post I'll clue you in later.

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