Sunday, July 7, 2013

True Friends and True love.

G'day Everyone.

When you live in this world out there,  you find all kinds of people. There are those who would love to use you for their own purposes, and there are those who are fake friends by just pretending to be your friend.

Last week, some one who I've loved for a long time in my life has turn out to be some where in between. It's like trying to figure out why he's become that. But that doesn't explain why he'd love me for so many years and then say "I'm giving up being gay". I kind of hoped he was kidding.
But there are some people who are afraid of others of finding out the true sexual orientation of your life. it shouldn't have to be that way.

You have to live true of yourself. Be for who you are. Because if you don't, people will figure you out pretty fast in your life.

Me? I know I am sad. I've some good friends in my life. I've known some true friends in my life.

But the worst idiots out there? Pastors, priests, and preachers. Not only would they dare out one of their congregation members of being gay, even if they had false information of doing just that. So what would a pastor, priest or preacher say upon learning their mistake? Sorry doesn't cover it.

However, I also believe I had and lost my true love. It doesn't matter if they were a woman or a guy. But, people got jealous and envy of my life. They wanted to see me suffer.

But now in the years later, what would those same people realize? They're scared now. They know that they made me suffer and realize I still suffer for what they done to me.

Only if they had asked me to leave them and take my girl or guy with me, I might have blessed them more and say "if you ever need us, just ask.".

Unfortunately for them, they will never hear that out of me. But I have forgiven those who hurt me in my life.
I can't speak for my former girlfriends / boyfriend if they feel they can forgive those who hurt us.

However, I do know my girlfriends have rebuilt their own lives and are happy in some ways.

For my former boyfriend, It is sadder to know that I can no longer love him because he is HIV POZ because of a stupid mistake he's done to himself.

Many times he's asked me to take him back. Many times I've told him no because despite how much I love him, I have to protect myself as well.

So here's something I need to share today: Hold on to your true friends. Only you know who is your true friend in your life. As for True love: Only between you and God and person you love will be revealed to yourself to know who's your true love.
But when you find that true love, DEFEND IT! Do what must be done to protect that person. Don't let him/her go.

Because once you lose that true love, I can't tell you if it can be replaced.

Stay happy and healthy. Keep true friends in your life always. Even you are a distance away from them, keep in touch with them always.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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