Thursday, June 27, 2013

DOMA, Zimmerman, and Snowden

G'day Everyone:

Let's start with the High Court of our fair nation. The Supreme Court that is.
Just before the High Court left for their summer vacation, They decided on some very tough issues that face our nation.

For starters, there's Defense of Marriage Act. That's DOMA for short. It was designed by Former President Bill Clinton to try to support the USA from going completely gay and made it clear that the Federal Government only support 1 man 1 woman marriage. For many years, it was a blessing upon our nation until the cracks started to happen and gay rights became an important issue as Gay Marriage. With DOMA dying a death at the hands of the High Court, do I as a gay man get to jump up and cheer? NO. My cry is for the pastors who have for many years, bashed and abused and cursed the gay community with their bible thumping. They even did, on purpose, on BI and gay members of their church to spread dis-information and prevent their own partners from having a relationship with them. Now, it is my turn to cry to God and ask God that every pastor *MUST* apologize to their bi-sexual and gay members of their church and accept any lawsuits that come their way.

A pastor may stand his ground with the Word of God against the GLBT community but for how long? Their time of preaching is clearly looking at the ticking clock. It would be more of a purpose to witness the gay people to salvation than to interfere in their personal lives.
 Let's hope pastors read the writing on the wall now. They have no choice left.

Meanwhile, the hottest drama of the summer is here and it sure isn't the heat wave!!  It's the George Zimmerman trial. As George Zimmerman gets his day in court in hopes to get scott free of killing Travon Martin, it should be clear to note that George didn't kill Trayvon in self defense. Whatever what happens down the road for George Zimmerman, let us hope one thing: Let's hope he's got common sense to wise up and tells the judge of his OWN verdict: GUILTY! In any case, Zimmerman should have stayed in a Jail cell to get credit for time served. Unfortunately, Zimmerman is taking a huge gamble here. But if he dies one day? Zimmerman will have NO GAMBLE against God. God will certainly find TRUE JUSTICE and sentence Zimmerman to his proper end of his life. Don't ask me where he's going!!

Hoo boy:  If you wanted to play "Where's Waldo?", Change that to "Where's Snowden?". The NSA leaker is on the lam and trying to head for a country to protect him from coming back home to his own court trial. Snowden is in Russia, but where he goes soon.. who knows?
Let's hope Snowden is smart enough to know when to give up. But sooner or later, Snowden will have to pay his price of his life.

So there we are. Drama of the Summer 2013. Whatever you believe the news on TV (Fox, CNN, MSNBC) or your own local news paper, do yourself a favor: relax and let the drama go on!

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

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