Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The D-day for zimmerman about to come shortly!

G'day Everyone.

They said to raise your voices, but not your hands. I do one better.
Raise your voices, take to twitter, Facebook, and the power of the Blog and Vlog world instead of your hands!!

So join us LOUD and written word LOUD as you can!

If you have been following the George Zimmerman trial lately, there is a lot of concern.
George Zimmerman makes no bones about it. He did KILL Trayvon Martin. IN A "SUPPOSED" self defense.
What's worse is the defense intends to confuse the jury of who's screaming on that tape.

It's looking more like George Zimmerman may get a NOT GUILTY verdict if they are successful with confusion of the jury. OR it could be a split verdict.

Whatever what comes out of that jury, George Zimmerman's life is already over on this planet.
He is a marked man that will always be looking over his shoulder. He will never be feeling safe.
If the State of Florida does appeal the verdict of Zimmerman (if he's NOT GUILTY), Zimmerman may never be happy.

The only thing that the whole trial has missed was Zimmerman's apology for what he did to Trayvon Martin when he first appeared in court long ago. That should have been the key thing to prove clear to the defense that Zimmerman takes responsibility for what he's done.

What happens when the verdict is done and over? Will Zimmerman apologize again? His lawyer will prolly shut him up fast.

Truthfully, no matter what verdict happens: George Zimmerman has to bear for the rest of his life of taking a human life of which he sought to take and did it. He ignored the dispatcher. He figured he'd be a hero to defend his neighborhood. He thought he was killing a bad guy.

But in the end, he was sadly mistaken. He's no hero. He's the aggressor. and he's killed.

No matter what the verdict, Zimmerman will live till his dying day.

When Zimmerman dies, he will face the biggest court trial of all: HIS LIFE. NO Lawyer can save him. Forget the prosecution. King Jesus will take one look at Zimmerman and knows Zimmerman's entire life. Zimmerman will NOT have a chance to plead a defense.
If he is NOT saved, he will suffer punishment. If he is saved, he will not gain any reward at all.

No mercy is worth for Zimmerman unless he asks Trayvon Martin's family and community for forgiveness first before the verdict is read. He prolly won't be given that chance to speak that.

In the end: Raise your voice, Twitter it, Facebook it, and Blog and Vlog it out! Not one hand will be raise against Zimmerman. Only Mercy and justice for Trayvon Martin.

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