Monday, June 10, 2013

Secrets? Depends on how you use it.

G'day Everyone.

Today starts off with a video:
secrets by one republic with Lyrics.

Today's topic is SECRETS.

Why do I say that? Because SECRETS can damage people in their life. That is, depending on the type of SECRET being kept.

But when it comes to Medical Issues in your life, please let me say this very clearly for the sake of others in life: Medical Issues is something that should NOT be kept from anyone in the immediate family and close friends in your life.

I have personally experienced in the last few months of watching someone have a minor medical issue and then asking me to swear to a secret. But I had a bad feeling that something major was coming down the road. You see, That person didn't want everyone to worry about that person going to the hospital for something so minor.
Within a month I had to grit my teeth and tell some family members of what was going on. Of course, I got into the dog house for breaking the secret. But that all worked out in the end. But still I couldn't shake the bad feeling that was going to happen.

It was later that person developed a more SERIOUS medical issue. By that time, the rest of the family is involved and then I'm the one, just like all of that person's external friends and external family members NOT told of what's going on. As if it's become a BIG secret of all and I'm not included in it.

So what happens when that person dies? Does the secret of what ever happen to them dies with them? NO. Secrets are much like the TRUTH of life. It will come spilling out of people to encounter the lies of a person being spread about the dead person.

Very rarely does a secret goes to the grave with the person. But if other people know about it, it will be told as Truth.

So in saying this: If you are going to have minor surgery done, TELL Every person you know to pray for you. Because if you don't share what is going to happen to you, a minor surgery could later turn in to a very major hospital situation. After surviving all that experience, it will be you who will have to deal with and tell some one of one of your friends or family like to say: "I'm so sorry that I didn't tell you about my minor hospital surgery that later turned into a major one".

Many people will cry over you for asking for forgiveness. Some will see you holding back certain information as if you didn't trust people to pray for you because they care about you. OR of your family member failing to tell others about the family member in serious peril of life.

What happens if that family member dies? Don't ask me how the family members will fight over the secret. It will tear everyone apart.

It is my hope that by warning you, my dear reader, of a favor.  If you ever have to go to a hospital or Out patient surgery, ask people to pray for you so that your life would be protected. A minor thing can turn out to be very major if many are not praying for you. A secret can be a bad thing and the truth will come from it for sure.

Until then.. stay healthy and NO medical secrets!

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