Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gay Couple is voted very cute!

Welcome to the Summer of 2013! It's now early June 2013 and of course, High School graduations are going on and students are out there looking for any kind of work they can get before they go off into the world of college or other adventure.

But what caught my eye, as well as some readers who posted this to me, was this story:
High School names cute gay couple

When I saw this article on CNN, I nearly swooned. Why? Because I get weak when I see ginger (RED) haired men.

But it also allows me to reflect a bit in my life. These are changing times in our society. Acceptance of gay people in society? Not really!

There are still many people who bully those that are gay. Some times to the point of death by suicide.
Many gay people have told me that they have had their personal lives interfered with by well intentioned religious pastors. (I had that experience. TWICE!!) Some gay people have told me that religious people have constant harassed them with the Bible that any chance of considering God's word has become moot.
Some of the most biggest complaints are about the Westboro Baptist Church. ( I wonder who's brave enough to take them to court and sue them to bits?).

But in this life, nobody deserves to bully a GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered) person by straight people and religious people.

The days of being a bully by these people could come to an end in a form a new law that nobody is going to like and many people (especially pastors) will not have a choice of saying things in the entire matter.

For the two young sweet heart men in the high school year book, their lives are just beginning. They're just adults now. But will they still feel that way in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years down the road of the relationship they are in? That's a question they'll only be able to answer themselves.

For the most part, I wish them luck. They are going to need it.

To those who broke up my own gay relationship long ago: Justice will come for you. Count on it! No good deed goes unpunished.

Until next post, I'll clue you in later.

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