Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exodus Internations hurts Gay people!!

G'day Everyone.

For years we all knew that some Christian people can be militant in their lives.
Just like Exodus International that forced many gay people to become straight.
I have no doubt that there are some pastors (deaf and hearing) have tried their own frightening techniques on their own members that have created some destructive results in every one's life.

So after many gay people (including lesbians too) have been hurt in their lives,
what statement did Exodus founder put out?

Read here! Alan Chambers apologizes to the gay community!!

But that was just one hint of the whole story.
A look up on CNN reveals a lot more:

apology and shutting his ministry! By Alex chambers.

Over all, Alex Chambers ought to expect a lot of legal issues in his life even as his "ministry" changes.

My advice to many pastors, hearing and Deaf: DO NOT mess with people who are gay/lesbian/Bi-sexual in your congregation! This is your warning now.

I do believe what two deaf pastors that have done to me in my life are the very ones who have tried the techniques by Alan Chambers. Should they be sued? Yes!  Arrested? YES! Told to be out of their own ministry? HECK YES!!

One deaf pastor has lost his job long ago. The other one is just barely hanging on in his ministry.

But I have forgiven them, but I hold them accountable to God because it is GOD who has called them a pastor and it will be GOD alone to render the just punishment.

So how can Alan Chambers tell many of the people he hurt in their lives with the words "I'm Sorry"?
Cheap to say, but clearly it brings a legal issue into his life.
Money will not help all of these victims that were hurt by him. People like me only need to be prayed for. Not do something drastic in my life like telling lies to my girlfriend or my boy friend. Those that were hurt are the ones who are trying to heal and may never be fully healed. Once the trust of a pastor is broken, only God can fully heal the victim. But for the pastor? It wold be better if he had left his job to protect his life.

While Alan Chambers may be out of his job, Exodus is now something else. Good P R image, but the damage is done. Let us hope pastors take the hint and do one thing better: Just kindly ask the gay community to leave their church.

Hopefully things will be better for all those that were hurt!!

Until next post, I'll clue you in later!

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lavender16 said...

Let me make this clarification for you. Exodus International is a group who brings gay and lesbian turn into the straight. It can be done with forced intercourse sex, shock therapy, and several strange treatments from Exodus International so it does not work well. In the past , some members of Exodus International caught at a gay bar or bathhouse.
So that group gave up and made an apology to the Gay community and shut down their organization for good.