Friday, May 31, 2013

Churches throw out the BSA!

In a moment some week ago, the Boy Scouts of America finally said yes that some scouts can be gay and still be in the BSA. But a ban on adult gay scout masters remain in place.
Without a good role model for gay youth, what good will that do?
Unfortunately, word reached me that now some churches are telling the BSA troops to leave their churches due to gay scouts.
Is that fair or is that discrimination?
Whatever the position of the church is in, they better talk to their lawyers before they tell BSA troops to leave.
Some gay scouts are still seek some moral support as well as guidance of the spirit.
What of the future of BSA? If gay adults be allowed later will the BSA fold or build a new field troop? Whatever the BSA future is I sense their time is done.
But my hope is that the BSA will be better.

Till next post I will clue u in!

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