Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bombs hit Boston!!

G'day Everyone!

I'm angry and so many millions of Americans are angry too!
Some Cowardly Terrorist decided to hit one of our cities with 4 bombs of which two went off, two did not!
Yet, it was still the most deadly terrorist attack on our country since the twin towers of 2001.

Yet, certain people in many countries dance in the streets to praise their god of what happened here. It is so sad.
But here in the USA, you can bet your old American dollar coins that we are going to HUNT DOWN that SON OF A FREAKING BITCH OF ASS or ASSES that set those bombs and guess what? If law enforcement does not get them fast as possible, a good old public AMERICAN lynch mob will meet out their own brand of justice on those sons of bitches who set the bombs.

You can bet those sons of bitches will be pleading hard for MERCY when they're caught. But no court, no lawyer, and nobody is going to be interested in helping them. These bombers will be sent STRAIGHT ON TRACK TO GOD'S OWN COURT through a method of a very painful death by a mob! Believe me, it would have been better if this terrorist(s) didn't set foot on our soil. After all, they are walking dead men already in their own lives.

Justice, no matter what, has to win the day. So the law enforcement folks have to catch these bombers.
In order to do that: You, my dear public readers, if you live in Boston and were at the Boston Marathon that day and saw something and have a picture, CONTACT THE NEAREST police dept (whatever it be local, state, or federal) and tell them what you saw! Get these bombers off the street and into a nice jail cell for them! JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL and the full weight of American law must come down HARD ON THEM! It won't be the death penalty, but it'll be life in a SUPERMAX prison for them. That will be the worst death penalty of all!

Until we find those SONS OF BITCHES, keep praying for BOSTON! We will endure! Boston LIVES ON!

Until next post,
keep watching!

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