Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Newest Pope has arrived!

G'day Everyone.

In a day that the entire world watched from a Tuesday evening of Rome to a Wednesday night of Rome, the world was caught in suspense of watching a simple Chimney flue that would tell the tale of the vote by Cardinals that began the process of a vote.
From that entire Wednesday that I watched on the 'net, even at work, the whole world was drawn to the secret voting process. There were moments when God even had a joke on the world when a Seagull landed on that Chimney, not once, twice but Three times! While that Seagull sat there, it seemed to say to the crowed below: "Demand to vote for me! Pope Jonathan Livingston Seagull!".
But not a word was raised. After a few black smokes, it became clear upon the world when Wednesday night's darkness fell in Rome. Just after 7pm Rome time, a new pope was voted in and shown to the world.
A Pope from South America: Pope Francis the First.
From shock, laughter, cry, and joy vibrated across the Catholic World. A Pope of Peace was chosen.

But would the Catholic church change for the better? That is a question for the coming weeks and months.
However, I feel our world has drastically changed in time as well.
My hope is that Pope Francis will lead the ministry of the Catholic church as faithfully as he should.

But what do we really know down this road? Most of it is unknown. Passover and Easter 2013 is coming and a lot of things have to be prepared. Even as we are in the close of the Lent season.

Let us hope the former Pope enjoys his retirement and allows the Pope Francis do what he must do.

God will have the final say for us all. But God lead the Pope Francis well. That is what we ask for. May God give him wisdom and understanding in these challenges of this time of age.

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