Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Pope Steps down. NK Blasts again.

G'day Everyone.

Many people got SHOCKED in the last 24 hours of this week.
First on 2/11/13: It was Pope Benedict that formally put in his resignation. It was clear that the Pope could do no longer the work called for him to do. It was natural for him to ask that he be allowed to step down and let someone else do his job. But when he steps down on the last day of February 2013, he will return to his rightful name: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. You have to give Pope Benedict a lot of credit for what he's done in his time. Let us hope that his retirement days will be one of Peace.

Speaking of Peace, It is a shock to know that North Korea has blasted another atomic bomb underground again! How can that nation, in God's name, decide that nuclear weapons are the only thing that keeps it in power? I dread the day that some country decides to launch those nuclear weapons and turns our poor world into a fire zone state in which every survivor of the countries will suffer for ages to come.
The world honestly pleas with North Korea to give up the bomb and rejoin the world before it's too late.

Tonight is the most important night of our Nation. Tune your TV and any other devices in time to watch President Obama speaks before Congress once more in a State of the Union address. Everyone will want to watch and hope and pray that he makes Congress get a budget in place for Fiscal Year 2013 and 2014. Our nation should NOT suffer Financial crisis of their own mistakes.

So until next post, I suggest to watch the President on TV tonight.

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