Saturday, February 16, 2013

Asteroid explodes over Russia!

G'day Everyone.

While Valentine's day is over, the news is spreading pretty much fast in the day after an Asteroid exploded over Russia! Video pictures on showed what it was like there.
It does look like a science-fiction movie gone bad. But does it mean it's an end-of-the-world kind of stuff, or what? Or is it a WARNING from God himself?

I would tend to think of it as a warning from God rather than anything else. But you have to wonder why in all places of Russia? Perhaps, God is warning Russia not to do something that they are about to do. If Russia listens, perhaps then,'ll all be OK. But if Russia still does it, God help our poor world and those that live here.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, a Cruise ship is finally home and many of it's passengers are now heading back home for their first weekend since the ill-fated voyage. But you have to consider this: The cruise line industry will take a major hit that will linger for some decades to come.

The biggest question is: ARE CRUISE LINE SHIPS SAFE?
I think that's going to be a debate that will rage on for some time. But at the same time, courts are now getting involved more (internationally) and who knows if Cruise ships will ever be deemed safe.

Just remember: Those who built the Titanic deemed it "SAFE" until it hit something that was a result of human made error that became a disaster.

Until next post, keep avoiding disasters and be safe!

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