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Gay people in Boy Scouts of America


G'day Everyone.

I decided to make a *SPECIAL POST* on a very hot and controversial topic that has been around for some time in the news. I may be last and late to the comment of it. But some how, I feel I have to put in my TWO CENTS ($.02) worth of opinions and pay for the "speaking fees" here. So here it is:

Gay men and boys in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It's been many years in my life long ago as I was a young deaf man involved with a hearing Boy Scouts of America (BSA) troop long ago. Believe it or not, these men and boys took me into their ranks and taught me the best about scouting.

They taught me the meaning of friendship. They taught me the meaning of morals. They taught me the meaning and what it does mean the responsibility of being a leader. They taught me the meaning of team work and trusting in your team and in yourselves. They taught me the most important honorable code that is recited at every troop meaning that becomes a "holy" oath that every one is expected to up hold that honor .

My troop worked hard with me and I worked hard with them. I climbed mountains. Learned survival skills. Volunteered for many events. Enjoyed many of these men and boys as my friends. Some of them life long friends.

I survived the great outdoors. You could say I was trained to be one of the best of the best. We're taught to "BE PREPARED" for any unexpected disasters" in our lives.
I became an eagle scout and a assistant Scout master.  I was a deaf leader among a group of hearing men and boys. The only deaf man that grew up with these friends. I was even the brotherhood Order of the Arrow.

But ever since I went off to RIT and life in college, I didn't hook back into the BSA for some reason.
Maybe that is a good reason that I got busy in my life with other things that took on my responsibility.

One by one, the friends that I had in the BSA fell away. Filled with responsibility (what ever that be work, school, marriage) in their lives and we all lost contact with each other.

Most of these BSA troops are part of many religious organizations. Very seldom do you find them being a part of the community based organizations like apartments or schools.

Years later, I found out my former troop that was once a part of my former catholic church that I attended to was disbanded for some reason.  I had some some understanding of those reasons, but I'm not going to elaborate them. It is a certain wonder of why they gave up of being a troop back then.

In the years past and present time of life, the Boy Scouts of America is trying to hang on to their organization and their moral code of "honor". As if trying to defend it just like as if trying to justify it's the same as the Defense of Marriage Act.

You ask me "WHY?".

If you have looked in the news lately that Boy Scouts of America has kicked out every man and boy from their troops if they get found out that they are suspected of being gay or accused of being gay or coming out as a gay man/boy.
They lose their rights as a BSA Scout and lose their ranks and awards. Even those who have earned the high honors of Eagle Scout (and higher ranks) and order of the arrows are taken away and destroyed. They are denied of ever having been a part of the BSA organization.

Why?  Because the BSA points to the moral code of honor has been a part of it's "religious faith". It's that code of honor that the BSA has nearly survived every lawsuit served on them for many years.

But the BSA isn't doing a thing to help with the gay men and boys. Not even teaching them some sense of survival beyond the BSA.

In response to having tossed out every gay men and boys, the BSA decided to open the flood gates of showing the public the "Suspected perversion files" in which prosecutors across the country are now closing looking at them to see if any cases are worth going after.

But that isn't helping the image of the BSA as well.

What few years left that the BSA have as the courts and the high court defends them, it will be very eventual one day that laws could change and it will make the BSA held responsible for outing the gay men and boys.

In truth, the BSA should set up a special troop for gay men and boys and give them a chance to be able to survive in this changing world out there. Weather related disasters are happening so much more. We need people who are trained survival leaders. Can a gay men and boys be that leader? YES! Ignore that they are gay. That is their personal life preference. But train them to be a survival leader. They need to be ready to answer the call for someone to look up to them. Not as gay men, but human leaders that are ready to answer the call of being a leader.

As I think back to my BSA days, I want to thank many of those that I have worked and trained with in my life. May be we all could have learned sign language together. That would have been special. I thank to many of those who have honored me long ago.

As I take a long look at my old BSA uniform that I grew out of, I know I may never wear it again. There are many reasons why.
One sad reason is all the more:  We're all human beings. Gay people are NOT some "lower social order of animals or lower social order of human beings". We are all the same as every day human beings.

So in sense, it's time for the BSA to take a serious look at their "moral code of honor". From morally straight to morally aware and morally understanding. Even Gay men and boys can be trained in that as well.
Heck, I was growing straight and later became gay. What about those who are still growing up and learning this world? Train them! It's the right thing to do.

If the BSA doesn't train these men/boys (no matter what sexual orientation they are), it could face an end of an organization one day. That day could come if a judge (even a FEDERAL OR WORLD JUDGE) finds a decision to order the BSA to disband it all. It could happen.

Let's hope it is not too late for the BSA to consider changing with the climate of social order of this world. 
If they are not prepared, then they'll learn the reasons behind the "be prepared" of what it really means.

As more natural disasters happen, the BSA needs men and boys trained to "BE PREPARED" for it. So forget what they personally are.

By changing the code of honor to include all men /boys, no matter what they are personally, the BSA will be stronger than ever. That time is now.

Get with it, BSA. By the way, Please re-award the former men/boys who lost their eagles ranks because of your decisions. Give it back and tell them, Sorry.  It may be the kindest thing to do. We need all the leaders we can get for the future generations.

Until then, BE PREPARED!

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