Monday, January 21, 2013


G'day Everyone.

In this life of this world, in which we all live in today, The TRUTH *MUST* Prevail!!
Do you want to know why? Because the media won't report a lot on what's really happening in the world out there. They want sensationalized news that not only brings them attention, but for the newspapers that are still printing on ink and paper.

However, in the last few weeks that I have been busy in preparing for a transition of my life, there was a story that rocked the deaf and the deafblind community across the world. In it, the media reported (with ever glee) about a pair of TWIN deaf brothers who decided to die rather than live their life together at the prospect of going totally blind.

But the media doesn't tell the WHOLE truth.

One of my friends, Christine "Coco" Rosehaert, found out the TRUTH about these two men lives. The story leaves the deaf and deafblind community with more questions than answers.

As we look about the disability community in all the world, we all have different disabilities that we all live with. But twin brothers, fighting various physical problems, were faced with an oncoming blindness between them both. They didn't want to face a life where their many physical problems puts their lives in the hands of strangers. They decided to die.

How could these two men come to a decision to willingly die in the face of the life that they had? Who encouraged them? Who inspired them to die?

Choose to die is NOT an easy decision. Especially if their souls are not prepared to meet God and face the judgement unless they really believe in Jesus Christ as a Savior. If they were Christians, believed in Jesus Christ as a personal savior, they would have willingly said "Not only do I die, but I'm trading in this body for a new one!". Sadly to say, Whatever what happened to the deafblind twins beyond their death, only God knows.

My wish is this: I do wish the deafblind twins REACHED OUT across the deaf and the deafblind world for HELP. We all could have helped them to cope with the physical disabilities they faced and show them how much life can be made easier despite their physical suffering. It would have greatly saved them the decision of making their death much sooner rather than natural.

While we are sad of the deafblind twins passing, we: the Deaf and the DeafBlind, must band together and prevent any more doctors from encouraging disabled people of making the decision to die. How awful it must be for the doctor, who will answer to God, for his decision to give the medicines to put the twins to their death. If you were a doctor, could you honestly defend yourself in an answer?  I don't think any one can to God who knows and sees everything done on this earth.

Thank you, Christine Rosehaert, for finding this story. *SALUTE!*

Until next post, after I move, I will clue you in more!

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