Saturday, January 5, 2013

The debt bounces of USA.

G'day Everyone.

New Year's Eve/day of 2013. Who cares about the ball dropping in Times Square? Though it was a "party" atmosphere there, it may have been the last such party that NYC will ever have as we sang farewell to 2012 and cautiously welcomed 2013.

But as the first 24 hours raced through the first day of the New 2013, Congress raced against the clock to hammer out a "compromise" to stop the USA from falling over the Fiscal Cliff.

Sadly to say, it's not only we did, as USA, go over the Fiscal Cliff but the old Congress put in a final "bounce" to kick and create 3 more Fiscal Cliffs and a debt ceiling crisis again. As the old group of political people step out of Congress for the last time in their lives, the NEW group of Congress people: now in the most serious and financial instability of the United States has ever faced, has entered the hallowed halls of our nation's capital to begin serious work to try to rescue USA's financial crisis.

But you know, many of us across the nation have felt our President won a very hallow political victory over Congress. The sad thing is: Our President rushes right back to his family on Hawaii vacation while the Fiscal Cliff bill is signed into law by "auto pen". How technical it shows that our President of USA cares about our nation's financial future.

As the first Friday eases into the first weekend of 2013, every American now wonders of the financial future of USA. Will the NEW Congress solve the next 3 Fiscal Cliffs and the debt ceiling? Or will the insane political process of Congress turn into another political party fight again? If the latter happens, it will be clear that our Congress is a Congress of Baboons.

Our Financial crisis here in USA should not touch off a very bad Global crisis that involves economic and financial crisis of the world. But if it does, don't ask me if I know the Congress and President of our nation.

It is sad that every American may well struggle financially this year. But for the old and new Congress? They better enjoy those "perks" while they still can, because in 7 years from now those "perks" may not be worth the very life of political people who will be in survival mode too.

Until next post, clue you in later.

P.S. Please have a careful 2013!!

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