Sunday, December 30, 2012

The coming Money Cliff!

G'day Everyone.

This week is more of one of the most concerned week for all Americans alike in the world.
The biggest political discussion for the next 48 hours of this week is called the Fiscal Cliff.
What really is called MONEY CLIFF.

For years, our nation's political law makers have spent the hard made and earned Federal Dollars and Tax dollars to feed our own political law makers sense of political greed. For years, they extended the nation's own debt limit to satisfy their own needs.

But finally, when you can't kick the debt limit up any more and they have come face to face with something that no political party or president wants to face or admit: the end of the financial road is reached already!!

Suddenly, the political parties are at a stand still. Nobody wants to make a deal. Nobody wants to admit a very fatal mistake of the country. Nobody wants to admit that our American dollar, good as it's printed on the paper, is worth as it once was.

In 48 hours, we'll all know if our President is really our good president. But if our President and Congress continues to bicker up till the last second of the tick-off of the old year, it will tell our country has lost it's financial way of life that we've all had.

One second into the new year of 2013 at 12:00:01am will send political people into a tail spin of the political blame game to try to save their jobs. But at the same time, it is a shame that the rich political people, the major well off companies, and the very wealthy people, who haven't paid their fair share of taxes to help our nation, will be the very ones to flee the country for nations where they can survive while our nation goes down the debt dollar tubes.

For everyone, we should really begin at 12:00:01pm Monday, December 31, 2012 and celebrate the financial life of our country. We had a good life of these many 236 years. I think a whole many more years when you consider the life of the pilgrims that came to our shores and landed here ages ago.

Celebrate our nation. Thank God for our nation. But those political men and President, who hold our nation's future in their political hands now, will be the very ones that need to be held accountable for their actions.

2013 will bring us a slew of taxes and changes of laws that will shock the average tax payer into a froth of revolt. Is this what our country is? Built on the back of tax payers? Or was it once the land of the free?

Whatever 2013 that changes our nation to become, this new century is no better than the previous last century.

But raise a glass high as you can before the ball drops in Times Square. Sing Auld Lang Syne long before the ball comes down. Make love to your partner, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or fuck buddy as much as you can before the ball comes down. May the final day of 2012 be the best day our lives before we face what happens in 2013.

Political people and President knows they are not going to spin their way out of the mess they made. They're the ones caught with their hands tight in the cookie jar that broke long ago.

In closing: Please drive safely. Don't use the cell phone. Don't bother texting on the roads.
Be safe.

2013: The year of the greatest political mess ever.

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MM said...

It's an issue the UK has had for a few years, maybe the USA has been living on borrowed time. We had very vicious cuts to support and hikes to taxes and many lost their homes too and for the first time we are seeing soup kitchens in the UK, so the party is definitely over. The amount of Money the USA owes is staggering, as we found you can't go on doing that. I think you have to go down before you go up again, however in the UK we are still going downwards after 3 years.... Your republicans and democrats look stupid frankly, neither appear to be putting the USA first. Crazy system.