Monday, December 3, 2012


G'day Everyone.

Last week, I stared at the TV in horror (without captions no less) as I watched the UN vote on CNN TV-LIVE!
The United Nations (UN) had voted to grant Palestine (PHILISTINES!) the formal lands of the West Bank and Gaza while giving the Palestians the so much sought STATEHOOD Status that they wanted.

Finally, the palestians formally celebrated that the UN was able to help them STEAL GOD'S lands!
The land that surrounds Israel (Gaza and the West Bank), really still does belongs to God as it's listed in the Bible itself.

Now there is a real concern that the world might formally help the Palestians to take back the rest of the Israel lands that were given to the jewish nation in 1947. Or try to force Israel back to the 1967 borders lines.

Whatever the World declares to do against the Jewish Nation of Israel, we ought to be concerned for one thing: There will be a response of Judgement. That judgement will be on the UN and on Palestians.

Honestly, the UN should have sought for peace first and worked out something with Israel before Statehood happened. Now? a Complicated mess.

Any nation that tries to destroy Israel will end up being destroyed themselves.

Pray for the world, this holiday season because this could be our last good year here on earth.

Israel, God shall always bless you as long as people pray and bless your nation!

Until next post, keep praying!

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