Monday, December 10, 2012

Facebook Crashes down!

G'day Everyone.

Sherlock is visiting DC this week and at a conference at

However, while trying to unwind from the whole day, I got alerted by a friend that has crashed.
It was like as if IT NEVER EXISTED!
CNN hasn't said anything.
There has been no public relations release from Facebook itself over the reasons why Facebook crashed.
But like any good social media, it was possible that it meet it's own failure of security problems and maybe a possible hacker has hit the site and caused Facebook to crash.
Who knows?

While we do mourn the loss of Facebook as one of the top social media sites, other sites are doing fine and reporting brisk business.

But will Facebook come back? Only time will tell.

and that reminds me.. just hope, when FACEBOOK comes back.. take the damn time line off from it!
that's what we all do beg to see happen.
A normal Facebook once more.
Till next post.. face ya later book!

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