Friday, November 23, 2012

The Christmas Shopping Season has begun

G'day Everyone.

Normally today I'd call this DARK Friday. Unfortunately, it is not that any more as of last night: Desperate retailers opened their stores to the chorus of complaints by their workers that Thursday, Thanksgiving day, was suppose to be their day of rest before facing the Friday crowd of shoppers.

Believe it or not: The store owners turned a deaf ear (literally) and demanded the stores be opened for the earliest sales. It marked a new economic desperation by the retailers to try to earn a profit before the end of 2012.

But how much worth it was it? Go read CNN news and you'll find scores of crime, people shoving their way in, being hurt, and how much everyone wants a desperate deal of products from retailers that wants to get rid of items sitting in the stores.

As the morning drones on with the "special" sales that pulls shoppers from one store to the next, the roads are clogged in the areas where tempers flares and accidents happen.

But by the afternoon of today, it will all become quiet as the Christmas Shopping Season gets underway. For the first time, it may no longer be named dark Friday again, but just another day as the evening of Thanksgiving will be known as Dark Turkey Deals.

Some times we ask ourselves of just how far our society has fallen for the value of a dollar and the selling of a product to the mindless public people?

How much has our society lost it's respect for Thanksgiving when it's the unholy dollar that is losing it's  economic value?  Is it worth for people to go out, trample and hurt each other, and grab a product off the shelves?

What happens later? look for the sales on ebay and amazon.coms and you'll see people trying to reap back the dollars they spent for a product that they don't need as they try to get rid of it by mail.

Right now, it's going to be the postal service time to try to get many packages and cards across the land despite their own poor lack of economic planning as well. Good luck to them with trying to do same day mail service. (next to impossible ya know?)

As we look to the next 45 days of 2012, we do wonder of just how good this holiday season will be? No one really knows. Not even me.

So, I ask for your sake to be a smart economic shopper this year. Buy only for what you need at the right time for what your intended person's gift. Hopefully it will be the right gift.

Until my next post, Happy Post Thanksgiving 2012. Please, do drive safe!

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MM said...

I find any magic it once had has gone via an flood of petty materialism that is all year round now. I'll give it a miss I think.