Saturday, December 29, 2012

Food Poisoning!

G'day Everyone.

Have you ever gotten sick while traveling? I can tell you from one experience with the Raddison Hotel very recently.
Sadly to say, I am no longer a fan of the Raddison.
When I was given a cup of mayo for my burger, I had no idea it was bad. Later that night, I had very bad intestinal pains. Though it lessened the next morning, I thought Breakfast was bad too. The butter on the bread. Sadly to say, it was enough to send me to the hospital later that morning.

More sadly to say, it gave the Raddison time to "sanitize" their kitchen, get rid of the food service worker that was the problem, and by the time I had the health department on them, they cheerfully passed the State inspection.

But to say, *I caused* the problem?  Unfortunately, NO. Would I trust the Raddison or the food services provided by them again? NO.

If they really want a better review, they'd have to apologize and compensate my stay. But they haven't.

So one lesson is clearly learned. Hotel rooms with beds are better than a hotel with it's own restaurant.
There's also another lesson too. Any hotel manager that sends word to the former guest that they passed the state health inspection before the state health inspection team has a chance to inform the person that was poisoned by the said hotel chain, gives clearly in indication that cover ups really happen and former guests really can't do anything about it.

But you know, in the formal end of it all, God sees everything and God will handle the entire matter now. Should the hotel suffer some type of a disaster, it'll learn that God isn't fooled.
I won't be the last guest that was poisoned and then covered up. I'm certain that there are others.

Would I ever stay with the Raddison again? I don't think for a long time now.
Like I said, a hotel with a restaurant should be avoid.

But just as much as any traveler out there that goes from restaurant to restaurant, should really be careful of the food you are served of.

One advice: Always insist on a mayo packet! Do not take mayo that comes directly from the kitchen. If you get mayo in a tiny little cup, throw it out. Don't ever trust where it's been ever again.

Until my next post, travel safely for New Year's eve.

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