Monday, December 24, 2012

The Christmas 2012 -- New Years 2013

G'day Everyone.

The last 3 months has been rough on Sherlock Steve. Missing the fast breaking news and working hard at a new job and making progress to move to a new location in my life.

Seriously to say that this holiday season that there are thousands of people, like me, that are travelers to hotels and restaurants.

Hotels are not the only problem to deal with. The worst thing a traveler must do is check the bed for bed bugs. I kid you not. What was once considered a joke is now real life out there. Bed bugs do live in bed.
Where do they come from? Pets and service dogs. These insects love to burrow on your skin and suck up blood. They can be a pain to deal with and very hard to kill.
One good defense? Put baby powder on your feet/legs and wear long cotton socks to bed. They will protect your legs against these critters.  If you find them, tell the manager. He will have no choice but to spray that room. He can't afford the health dept come down on him.

But the real threat a traveler must face is the hotel restaurant. In any case, it's all restaurants out there.
Consider this: It only takes one mistake of a Food Service employee to give a guest of the hotel a major illness. I was that guest that got sick by a food service employee. Food Poisoning is NOT fun. It is a major illness that can cause death. I was very fortunate to recognize the symptoms of Food Poisoning. I went to first a Urgent Care center and was told to go straight to the emergency room. Thankfully, I was given very good treatment.

However, like any other traveler, I am pro-active to prevent the event from happening again. I'm going after this hotel by asking the health dept to do an investigation on the hotel and the restaurant. I can bet you, the hotel will NOT be happy.

Hotels and Restaurant are a life risk to many people out there. Not every hotel / restaurant is bad. But unless they are pro-active in the health and care of the place and the value of the guests, then they will suffer at the hands of one stupid employee (which has happened to me).

As the holiday season of Christmas 2012 is in full swing, it is my wish and my prayer for every one of my readers a happy, safe, and joyful Christmas. It is also to mark many of the recent life events that have happened in our nation and praying that Almighty God will comfort and bless the survivors.

With the coming Fiscal Cliff, it should well be our nation's plea to Congress and President Obama to please solve this Financial Crisis. One thing should be very obvious: Ban the ear marks on the various spending bills. For more than 200 years, political people have used ear marks for wasteful projects of their own. Now it has finally come to a crisis: Killing the GOLDEN GOOSE that is America's Financial Freedom. Even if the next group of new political people take office, it won't make things any easier for them.

As we come upon 2013: We do not know what to expect, except say many bad financial things could be very painful for many people.

So, most likely to say farewell to 2012 along with many prayers to God for it. But for 2013? Here's my advice for New Year's eve:
Please don't drink and drive.
Please don't text and drive
Please don't talk on the cell phone and drive.

New Year's eve is one of the leading causes of car crashes, death, hospital / life change events, and court / financial messes. It is my encouragement for my readers to do themselves a favor: For one night (or for at least 36 hours), hang up the car keys and enjoy your night at home. Invite a friend over for a sleep over.
Nobody should have to drive so stupid.

Pray that 2013 will NOT be the worst political messes that 2012 has been.

and with that being said: Until my next post in 2013, God bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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