Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Death of Twinkies!

G'day Everyone.

Just when I was nearly ready to join a union in an effort to boost my job protection, I decided to wisely hold off my decision. I later learned that Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies and other junk foods, was bankrupt.
Earlier last week, the company pleaded for workers, that were on strike, to return to their jobs so that they could stay in business. The Union bosses thought Hostess was bluffing it's threat. But when the clock chimed MIDNIGHT on Friday, the company was officially out of business.

It is sad to know that many of these workers depended on their union leaders to protect their jobs, but NOT destroy the company. Apparently, the unions that represented the workers of hostess, have not learned the lesson of what happened to the auto makers and in Wisconsin.

Now many of the workers are currently laid off at a time when it's already starting the holiday season. Worse yet, many companies are not hiring full-time employment any more and it's becoming popular of part-time employment in which companies are dumping the benefits out the window.

Why are companies not hire full time? One major issue is: if you don't hire full-time, you don't have to pay benefits, like health care. Health care has become a #1 issue. Even as the Obama care law is going to be started next year. Now, many companies are shifting their workers from full-time to part-time. How will unions react?

It is my hope that they react carefully and respectfully and continue to provide support for their workers. Right now, the loss of hostess is already hitting the market place very hard. That is, the junk food market place. As we look down the road to this holiday season, we must continue to pray for not only many people out of work, but homeless as well as many victims continue to recover from hurricane Sandy.

As well as this point, there is war in the Holy Land of Israel. Hamas, which has kept shooting off many rockets, has come under war from the nation of Israel that intends to fully disable the Muslim Government of Gaza. It is of regret that the Hamas terror groups has chosen this course of action and fully well knowing that it could set up a full blown middle east war. Especially since Syria is already in a full scale civil war that is already trying to draw Turkey and Israel into the fight.

Let us hope at this point that God will protect Israel and that any nation that intends to try to destroy Israel will find themselves destroyed instead.

I hope many of my readers will travel safely this Thanksgiving week. Whatever it be train, plane, bus, or car.
Take time to pray before you go. Don't text and drive or drink and drive either. Police will be on high alert this year. Be safe everyone.

Watch out as the seasons change and snow is about to begin in various places.

Happy Turkey week to everyone.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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