Monday, November 12, 2012

A call for Action to the Deaf Community!

G'day Everyone.

Rarely do I issue: a call for action to the Deaf Community. But this one has great urgency behind it.
To understand the reason why I said this, Please view this link: SAVE MY VRS!

I ask each and every one of the Deaf Community to get united in political power that we can muster along with our hearing allies as much as we can.
If the FCC is allowed to make the proposed changes to ALL OF OUR VIDEOPHONES (no matter what provider it is) to become cheap web cam style phones that are so low off the shelf quality, we may well be forced to dust off those old TTY machines that we have saved. (if nobody has trashed their TTY yet)

Some of the next generation of deaf kids, in our present time of Technology, don't even know what a TTY machine is. But much less use it.

But we can't allow the FCC get away with this kind of thinking of lowering the deaf community's VP devices down to the level of hearing people technology.

President Obama ought to be ashamed. He's had support of the deaf community that helped him pull for the win in this recent election. But hey, some of us wanted Romney or some other candidate.
But now is the time to put off those political clashes and accept that President Obama won. But now President Obama must respond to the call for support of the Deaf Community and STOP the FCC from their considerations of proposals.

If the FCC is allowed to do what it will happen: a lot of a bad things will happen for the Deaf Community. Worse than the fiscal cliff. I don't think President Obama can afford to let this happen to the Deaf Community.

So, that being said, it's time to ask the FCC stop what they are doing and listen to us. The Videophone everyone has out there (even if different products) is the best device for the Deaf Community to communicate with each other and the hearing people rather than forcing us using less than cheap technology.

My plea to the FCC: Stop the consideration and let stand what we have at the present.

Thank you.

Please share this message with every one. Get the word out.

Sherlock Steve.

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