Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post Presidential Election review.

G'day Everyone.

Everyone has their day. Especially in our nation. But this week, we took a good look at our nation and came up WANTING more for the people, NOT LESS.
However, it curiously hurts our nation when many of our citizens can't vote while in the experience of a major disaster going on (Hurricane Sandy) in the areas of NY and NJ.
Yet, our nation voted despite many could not! Shocking and sadly, President Obama won instead of Romney. It was certainly a surprise. Which means: many people decided against their better judgement in the major cities of many states to give Obama a second chance while the minority people of the states didn't want Obama.
It was also NO SURPRISE that Florida had election problems AGAIN. Just of today, Florida finally said, after many days after the election and checking hard, that President Obama won the Florida State. For Florida, it might done better to just give the political points to Romney in the view of the shame of all their election problems. If the chad cards are laughing now, they are somewhere in the junk yard of history.

So, what should our nation be really doing? Helping the people of New Jersey and New York to recover from the 2nd hit of a storm that struck on the day after the elections: A North Easter Snow storm.

Since then, Will there come better election laws that deal with natural disasters or terrorism attacks? I personally would have begged and asked that our national elections be delayed until the state of NY and New Jersey would recover from the disasters and then function as a full population as a total member of our country.

But no.. the political powers of those in control demand that our nation carry on despite what natural disaster we were all suffering and in the end, the election recorded and history made.
However, the political price cashed in now could bite those in power back in the ass in the coming 2 years when the spring elections of 2014 happen.

As it stands.. Once more.. congress is divided and only the republicans control the house.. while the democrats control the country. But as the fiscal cliff is now heading head long at our nation, in less than 50 days, we will precisely know if this country will make it or drown in new taxes. 

After that, it is a question of our country.

To those that wanted Obama to continue to be president of USA: Congratulations. But when it comes to 2013 and things go bad, don't have a voters remorse and beg that we get Romney. It is way too late politically.

For President Obama: It is my hope and the hope of many people in this nation: Guide us well. A bad first term does not mean you get a 2nd chance. This nation, despite it's divisions that exists, has given you a chance to prove your leadership this time. Please make the best of it before anything else happens.

Most all, my dear readers, continue to pray for our country. We need God to help us all. Now and more than ever.

Amen and God bless.

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