Saturday, November 3, 2012

Decision Storm Day America!

G'day Everyone.

I would like to give a shout out and salute to those who have done the right thing to help those in need in the continued efforts of clean up from the Hurricane Sandy. I am aware of a lot of folks are suffering from the Hurricane Sandy damage and we must all pull together to help them now and be prepared for another coming storm that could hit this Election day on Tuesday.

However, I have heard of many reports of the scam artists that have been preying on the survivors of the storm and making off with the storm victims money. So here's a word of *WARNING* for the Scam Artists out there: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED! Believe me, when you scam artists die, you'll find yourselves at the Judgement seat of King Jesus where you'll be judged and found GUILTY so fast, it is already too late for you. That greed of sin will put you in the lake of FIRE, FOREVER!

That being said, many people have been working together to help pull New Jersey and New York City back from the brink of total disaster. They're still working at it. With the major election day coming around and Obama wants the votes MORE than helping the survivors, you have got to be kidding me! There are more important things to do than a silly election with the States of NY and NJ are in a crisis situation with people dying daily and the survivors suffering without the basic needs of survival that they need to live on.

I feel bad and helpless for those who have gone through the worst part of the storms and dealing with the aftermath of losing their homes, their property and worse, those of the scam artists who come in and steal the last bit of HUMAN RESPECT that survivors have for people.

By the time Election day hits, it'll be either another Hurricane (Tony) or a Massive snowstorm that will hit up the entire North East coast.

As this Tuesday comes near, people are really going to be voting with their heart, soul, and mind. But I feel that this election, here in the USA, will be last and most important election of all history of our nation.
Which ever person wins this election will do something that I think will upset many people.

As I look at our country, we need to have HOPE in God that we do not fail our countrymen when our countrymen need us the most. Whoever is President, he had better take this job seriously because the next 4 years will be the most important 4 years ever.

If you are asking me who I support for this election? Unfortunately, I'm playing this one close to myself. I believe the biggest part of the coming 4 years will be the taxes and Obamacare. Will Congress get back to their act of work? Or will Congress be dissolved as being unable to work for our nation?  Only time will tell.

Let's hope this coming election day will be FAIR ELECTIONS. Fair Elections for our nation.

If it turns out there were no fair elections, who knows what will happen down the road to the future of elections? Perhaps going back to the paper ballot should be the sane and safest thing of all. Paper ballots rule in honesty and fairness.

Until my next post, I ask my readers to pray for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and help in relief efforts if you can. Donate to the Red Cross. Your support is needed! Don' t forget, it's tax deductible too.

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