Tuesday, October 30, 2012


G'day Everyone.

Are you green with envy? Are you really Jealous of me? Do you know why I say that?

I've had to deal with many different people (hearing and deaf) over the many years of my life. Some people grew JEALOUS of me when I was engaged 3 times to 3 different women.  They were jealous that I found a gay boy friend after they broke up my engagements. So they destroyed him too (which has resulted him dying this year).

Why are they jealous? Because my former deaf ministry friends wanted me to grow old and alone in my life because they felt my own sins deserved me for that reason to destroy my relationships. Actually, they were full of envy because they feared I could OUT DO them better in their lives.

In fact, I just did! I gotten a better job. Now is what is coming in my life is a new built home for me.

Yet, I need to post out a warning: DO NOT BE ENVY OF MY LIFE. DO NOT BE JEALOUS OF WHAT I HAVE!

I'm saying this as my former deaf friends are starting to find out of just how well I'm doing in my life, they could get riled up to destroy what is NEW in my life. Why should people be green with ENVY and JEALOUS? I didn't ask for a new job and a new home. It became a part of my life.

But that's why you, as one of my former friends that read this, should ask yourself a question: "Why shouldn't I have what Sherlock has?". The reason is: God has his reasons. You have what you have. You got a home. You got a job, You got a family. AND you got friends that you love.

So you see, you did what you did to try to punish me years ago. That was your jealous nature. That was your envy nature. That was your temporary victory over me. And that "victory" was long ago past. It's done. It's over. and you can't do it again.

Now, I am better. I have grown older, wiser, and some what happier. But at the same time, I have to stay watchful and prepared. I have a lawyer ready for anything!!

If someone gets envy and Jealous of my life and tries to do something worth of a criminal action against me again, you can bet one thing: I WILL DESTROY YOU. But I pray I don't have to.  Remember all the years I've turned my cheek for you?
Not any more.  The person that attempts to destroy of what I have in my present life now will be hauled into court and questioned so thoroughly, they will regret the decision of jealous and envy for me.

So look: I am no modern day JOB. But I want to tell you something. I'm sorry you struggle in your life. I'm sorry you suffer in your marriage and family problems.  I'm sorry you have a bad job, rotten car, and many other things. But if you ask people to pray for you on unspoken requests and as you pray for yourself, family, and friends,  then you can be content of what you have.

Beneath the new job and my new home, I still struggle financially. I still struggle with my health. I don't even have a relationship yet.

So what I'm telling you is this: What you did to me in my life in those years ago, you got away with it because it was a very serious criminal act back then. You took advantage of me. I choose not to prosecute you then. You are still held to answer for it before God. Not me.

So now in my present life, if you choose to do it again against me, you are going to find that once easy young boy is now a grown tough SHERLOCK who will do everything to strop you and make sure you are going to pay the price. You won't like it either.

That's why today's post is my warning: Don't Envy me. Don't be jealous of me. You don't need the problems of what I have in my life. Be thankful of what you have for yourself.

The moment you decided to chop me down again, it will be the last decision that you'll ever make and remember thoroughly.

Be thankful of what you have in your life. They are the things that you can handle.

Give me a chance to experience what I haven't experienced yet. This is my life. I can't live like you. I have to live in what my path has made em to live. This is my choice, my dream. Don't destroy it.

I will pray for you to survive. Because that is what I am: a friend praying for others. To be jealous/envy is like a thief that can't have what he wants. It will only destroy him if he takes from me. Do not do it.

Thank you. You have been warned.

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