Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Update on the Gallaudet CDO Situation..

G'day Everyone.

Someone sent me a web link in which Gallaudet University President Hurwitz posted the following statement on this web page:

In other words: Hurwitz is bowing to the external community pressure to have the Chief Diversity Officer, Dr Angela McCaskill, to have her return to her position from administrative leave.

But question is: Can she? In doing what she had done, she might have pushed herself out of a job on her own accord. But being brought back in to do her job just might be made tougher.

In all this, I do agree that there needs to be an open discussion with the community and she needs to drop her lawyer off at the gates of GU before she enters the campus.

So if Dr. McCaskill is willing to enter into formal discussion and make it clear that she didn't want to hurt the community that she has worked so hard with, she may be forgiven.

Hopefully she will sit down and clear the air. But then she must decide the fate of her job by herself. Hopefully she will see the reason of why she should move on for a new career. But only time will tell.

And one last message: don't fret over injustice. It will work out. There are ways to solve injustices.

till next post, I'll clue you in later.


Richard said...

Dr. MJ Bienvenu Needs To Resign From Gallaudet For Instigating Bully Campaign Against Dr. Angela McCaskill http://eyefirevlogs.com/eyefire2/?p=25596

ninefingers said...

Agree totally.

I'd love to see her be honest. She signed the petition to delay the signing of the legalization of equal rights. The law was going to go through, and people wanted to delay it and see it come to a public vote hoping they could find a way to prevent the legalization of equal rights.

Unfortunately, this was a public petition. The signatures are out there for anything to see. If anyone's bullying anyone, she's bullying herself. If she's not willing to make statements and stand by them...