Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy hits USA!

G'day Everyone.

Shockingly to say, another October rare mega-storm is about to hit the North East Coast of USA.
Sherlock Steve isn't happy about because he will be out and very vulnerable in this storm that is expected to hit at almost any time.
Without an apartment to call home yet, Sherlock has been living in the hotels near his job. But this is really not a time to be typing this. Just about every one is pitching in and helping out (Sherlock too) in prepare for the coming mega storm.

While this storm could be the "PERFECT SEQUEL" to last year's Halloween 2011 storm, could this one be filled with the zombie of the year attack?

Not kidding, I'm not!

Basically saying as I am back in my home town and helping neighbors and friends to be ready for the storm, it's a lot of work. HARD WORK.

As Sunday arrives and I return back to my hotel, I have no way of knowing of just how bad the weather will be when I drive. Even when I'm down near my job.

I can only say this much:

Each and every one of us needs to be prepared for the Wrath of God as used by nature. I'm not kidding because this is a storm that nobody knows how it will impact the entire east coast.
Earlier this weekend of Friday and Saturday, I drove around and noticed that people are making a very bad mistake of putting leaves right in the street including a big pile up on the curb!  Leaves can clog a gutter system and storm drains in the street!!

Talk about flooding!!

In almost every city, town, village, and community, they are hitting people with a fine for leaving leaves in the street or on the curb so much. Some times it covers the side walk too!

What should home owners really do?

Simple! Very simple and it should have been done yesterday. I took my garden waste to the landfill yesterday and left it there. A few people had the same idea! I stopped to talk and praise a few people for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, their neighbors, that have leaves in the street/on the curb, are about to bear the brunt of the blame for the leaves when this storm hits.

As the work week begins, it should begin with PRAYER this week. Especially since it's Halloween this week. It's no trick of how things are. It's no treat either.

All I ask of my readers in the North East states of USA to be safe and be prepared. We may have a disaster on our hands. I don't know if I will be all right or among those that are hurt too.
All that I can say is PRAYER is the key thing everyone needs to do.

May every one of us hunker down and be safe this week.

Until next post, *howl*.. uhh.. watch out for the full moon. Have garlic, wolf bane, and stakes on hand. Just in case. Don't let the evil thoughts get you down!

But Clue in next time! :-)

P.S. To those who attended the Gallaudet University Homecoming this weekend: Bravo! Really brave of you all to show no fear in the face of Hurricane Sandy! Sadly Bison lost. PSU lost too. Keep on going! *cheers!*

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